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Let’s relax our palates and staff

From 01.01.2019. to 14.01.2019. our employees use a collective holiday. We hope, you will understand our needs. 01.15.2019. we expect you in happier and more relaxed atmosphere!

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CET – The calamari, eventually tripe

We have prepared for you new gourmet delights, from which you can choose between several types of calamari (calamari salad, Paris’s calamari, fried calamari, grilled calamari, filled calamari, etc.), but…

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WFB – The Week of fine beefsteak

Kreće još jedan Tjedan finih beefsteaka. Bilo da se radi o hladnom ili toplom predjelu ili glavnom jelu, naši specijaliteti bazirani na beefsteaku su tu da zadovoljne gurmanske apetite i onih…

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